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The 5 Steps Guide


Always handwash

To keep your luxury lingerie looking its best we recommend always handwashing in lukewarm water. Choose a gentle handwashing detergent then place your items in the sink to soak. Please note that garments should be washed separately.


Don’t worry if the colour changes

Don’t be alarmed if the water changes colour whilst soaking, this is normal and will not affect the colour of the garment.


Gently rub any marks

We use the most delicate of fabrics, so be sure to be gentle. After soaking gentle rub your garment to get out any marks.


Rinse well

Run your garment under the tap until it no longer feels soapy then gently squeeze out all excess water.


Dry flat

We recommend always drying your underwired bras flat to retain their shape. Simply lie out on a towel. Smaller pieces such as briefs or thongs can be hung.