To celebrate the start of our female empowerment week, we're giving you the chance to WIN a Fleur of England Caramel boudoir bra and brief set plus jewellery from Sally Lane and a signed copy of "How to Raise a Feminist: Bringing Up Confident Kids Who Could Change the World" by Allison Vale and Victoria Ralfs.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow both Fleur of England and Sally Lane Jewellery on instagram and comment on one of the competition posts, tagging a woman that has inspired you by taking a risk to follow their dreams. This can be a friend, celebrity or influencer; any incredible woman you find inspiring. Now repeat after us, "Who runs the world? GIRLS!"


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Competition T&Cs

Competition will run from Thursday 8th March until midnight (GMT) Thursday 15th March.

Entrants must follow both Fleur of England and Sally Lane Jewellery on Instagram.

The entrant must comment on one of Fleur of England or Sally Lane Jewellery's instagram posts to be entered.

One winner will be contacted directly on Instagram. They have 48 hours to reply, if there is no reply another winner will be chosen.

The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product.

To check which sizes are available for the Caramel boudoir bra and brief, please check the Fleur of England website.

The winner will receive a Caramel boudoir bra and brief from Fleur of England, a copy of "How to raise a feminist" by Allison Vale and Victoria Ralfs, plus a gold, 'beauty within' pendant from Sally Lane.





To help inspire you, we've spoken to Sally Lane, creator of Sally Lane Jewellery about being a woman in business and find out what inspired her to take a risk and follow her dreams.


What inspired you to create Sally Lane Jewellery?

My passion for jewellery design came from visiting markets when I was on holiday as a kid. I loved the chunky silver jewellery and larger organic stones that you could get in different countries; I never saw anything like this in the UK (only hearts and flowers) and I always bought jewellery as a souvenir.

After presenting a collection at the end of my jewellery course and wearing the pieces at work, I realised that my jewellery really boosted my confidence, by adding a flash of daring to my outfits. Jewellery can be like armour in that way. It said ‘Don’t Mess’ in a very subtle and elegant way (this became the name for my first pair of earrings). I showed my strength while expressing my femininity through bold but elegant jewellery, and I wanted to empower other women in this way.

We love your strong yet feminine approach to jewellery design, why do you think it’s important that women in business should remain true to their feminine character? 

In my experience, the best leaders (men and women), employ typically feminine traits such as compassion, empathy and nurture and yet, in my previous corporate roles, I would often see women emulating macho behaviour in order to succeed as they became more senior. It is a hard gig for women in a very male orientated business, I totally get that, but it saddens me to see the continued suppression of emotion and compassion in business. Both men and women are made to feel that such character is weak when of course that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Through most of my career I was lucky enough to have amazing female role models, who earned respect by being true to themselves. They were caring and nurturing but that didn’t mean they took any s***. They were strong and feminine. Still, as I moved to a more commercial environment where it was still predominantly male at the top, it struck me that so many industries are not enlightened in this way and we need to shout more about a balance of masculine and feminine traits being the key to success in business. I want all women to feel empowered in this way. To know that feminine traits should be applauded and not masked.

The more fulfilled we are personally, the more generous we become to our community. I have been amazed by this change in myself since working passionately on my own project. If I can help share stories to inspire other women to let go of fear and make a change, small or large, that brings them this fulfilment, then I am doing a small part to achieve this big dream.

If you had to choose just one inspiring woman in your life, who would it be and why?

That is a tough one, because since starting my brand I have met so many, it is the best part of my work. I would have to say: Vivienne Gamble, a close friend who started the gallery ‘Seen Fifteen’ in Peckham. Watching Vivienne go through the emotional roller coaster of leaving an established career to pursue her dreams, gave me the courage to follow. This fact is what has driven my wish to share women’s inspirational stories, because I have experienced first hand the power of one women inspiring another.

Do you have any advice to inspire anyone hoping to start their own business?

If you are hoping to start a business to make a quick buck or if you keep comparing where you are to some distant end goal, you will most likely end up rather unhappy. You must be passionate, and you have to believe in yourself and what you are doing. It can be the most creative, free and rewarding time of your life, if you truly love it. Enjoy every moment of the journey; know that every mistake leads to progress and celebrate every tiny success.