Valentine’s Day is a holiday created to celebrate love, in all its forms. From your significant other to your family and friends, but there’s one person that is missing out all year round, not just on this Hallmark holiday – you.

We get so caught up in booking tables at the best restaurants or buying overpriced treats for the people that we love, that we sometimes overlook the one person that should already be our first priority. So, on the one holiday where love hearts are the universal symbol, maybe we should reverse the rolls and take a little time out to focus on ourselves for a change. This year, no matter what your relationship status, try to build the kind of self-love that means respect and harmony for yourself and just an all-round appreciation for who you are.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a few suggestions below.


Re-evaluate what makes you happy

Take the time to really think about what makes you feel good. You should not be forcing yourself to do things that you really don’t enjoy, like going to the gym. Ask yourself, do I enjoy it or do I really hate it? If you find you hate it, it’s time to find something else that you will enjoy like running, yoga  or a fitness class with friends instead.




Don’t feel guilty if you cancel plans

We have all had those moments where we’ve made a commitment, but as the event gets nearer our dread grows. It is okay to cancel plans you have made, as long as it is not a milestone event for a family member or friends. Forcing yourself to be somewhere you really do not want to be will only make you feel worse, you should be spending this time doing something that makes you happy instead.




Take that nap or have that lie-in

It’s no myth that plenty of sleep is a great way to help improve your mental and physical health. Give yourself one morning where you sleep until you naturally wake up or take that afternoon nap your body craves. Once you’ve woken up, you will be in a much better position to start ticking off your to-do list and your body will thank you for it.




Make time for ‘me-time’

Grab your diary and schedule some time for you to do something, for you. Just like you would make a date with your friends, do the same with yourself. Think about something you really want to so do, whether it’s an afternoon at a spa, going for a long walk or cooking yourself a nice meal, no matter what it is – do not feel guilty about putting your phone on silent while you do it!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde


However you spend your Valentine's day this year, don't forget to love yourself.