With the start of a New Year comes the exciting prospect of the location for your next holiday. We believe the perfect holiday destination offers something for everyone, so we’ve ensured our top 3 destinations to visit in 2019 have a mix of culture, delicious food and breath-taking beaches.



Nestled between North and South America, Panama is a gem all in itself. A small country that offers everything from white sandy beaches to tropical rainforests, it is sure to have something for everyone. With the Caribbean coastline on the east to the Pacific swells on the west, Panama can undoubtedly offer the very best beach life, as well as some of the most exciting diving spots in the world. If you’re looking for the buzz of a city, look no further than its’ capital, Panama City, located on the coast, you can still take in the stunning blue coastline with the skyscrapers to rival Miami, in the backdrop. Visit the historic centre of Casco Viejo to immerse yourself in the culture of this up-and-coming country, learn about its turbulent past or visit its first dedicated rum bar, Pedro Mandinga for a real taste of Panama.

What to pack:

You’re definitely going to want to make the most of Panama’s two coastlines, so don’t forget to pack your luxurious swimwear to make the most of the vast beaches. Our White and Caribbean Green Halter Bikini Top and High Waisted Bikini Bottom is ideal to match the white beaches and the green tones of the Caribbean Sea.



Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka really is one of the ultimate destinations as it has so much to offer for a small island, from the breath-taking beaches, famous tea and rich wildlife. If you’re feeling adventurous the train to Ella is a must, getting a seat may be a bit of a challenge, however the best views can be seen from one of the standing-room spots so you can look out over the tea-covered hills. Sri Lankan tea is world famous, so try to fit in a visit to one of the plantations of Hill Country to learn all about the 150-year industry. If it’s culture you’re after, the country is a hub of temples, ruins and one of the worlds’ oldest trees. Or visit the enchanting town of Galle, a World Heritage Site filled with Dutch colonial buildings, ancient mosques, churches and museums. Sri Lanka is quickly becoming one of the world’s best wellness destinations, so make sure you fit in a yoga class or visit an ayurvedic spa to really relax. Finish your holiday on one of the many untouched beaches, such as Tangalla or visit the turtles at Rekawa Beach. You can’t leave Sri Lanka without visiting one of their many food markets and trying your hand at cooking the national dish or rice and curry. This untouched country really has the perfect mix of relaxing beaches and culture, also due to the size of the country, even if you visit for a week you can have the experience of a lifetime.

What to pack:

After exploring the National Parks and temples, you are going to want to relax on one of the many beaches. For this make sure you pack our Paradise Print Cut Out Swimsuit, with a plunging neckline and cut-away sides, it is the perfect piece to take to paradise itself.


Sicily, Italy

The largest Mediterranean island is often overlooked by the Italian mainland and is best known for its cuisine, taking inspiration from surrounding countries, such as Italy, Spain, Greece and the Middle East, making it a foodie’s paradise. Not only does Sicily offer the charismatic charm you will find in any other part of Italy, it is also a must-visit destination in its own right. For nature lovers, take a hike up to Stromboli Crater, however you will need a guide to go any higher than 400m, you will need to come prepared with walking shoes and essentials, but the view from the top is something you will never forget. Visit the capital, Palermo to soak up the culture, visit the food markets and end the day in one of the many restaurants to try some of its world-famous cuisine. Or visit the ancient city of Akragas, where you’ll find the Temple of Concordia, can explore the series of Byzantine tombs and visit an 800-year old olive tree.With coastline surrounding the country, it won’t be hard to find a beach to relax, each beach offers something different from vast white sands to the more unusual beaches of Riviera dei Ciclopi. Sicily is the perfect location for beach lovers and culture seekers, which will undoubtedly become a popular tourist destination in years to come.

What to pack:

For a visit to the beautiful Mediterranean be sure to pack our Strappy Coral Knotted Swimsuit, the zesty coral will stand out from the crowd against the backdrop of the Italian architecture. The strap detail at the front adds a fashion-forward edge to this luxury swimsuit, while the halter neck allows you to find your perfect fit.