Here at Fleur of England, we believe that lingerie has the power to make you stand taller and feel more confident; a beautiful little secret you can wear under your clothes that makes you feel good. For SS18, Fleur has pushed the boundaries with design by asking the question "what does a modern woman want from her lingerie?" The idea of a modern woman who is at the same time both strong and romantic is explored throughout the new collections to create pieces that empower women, making them feel beautiful and sensual.  In our latest interview, we are talking to Cora from The Lingerie Addict to find out what lingerie means to her and why she thinks lingerie can be so empowering.


lingerie addict


In your recent book, 'In Intimate Detail', you explore how to choose, wear and love lingerie. What do you think is most important when choosing lingerie for yourself or as a gift?  

The most important thing is to choose what's comfortable for you; that is, what works for your style, your personality, and your lifestyle. I don't believe in following rules about what's "flattering," but I do believe people should buy and wear what they enjoy. If you purchase something that you hate, then who does that benefit? As far as buying as a lingerie gift, I'm going to go the expedient route and say gift cards (preferably to a shop or designer your gift recipient may not treat themselves to) are always a good idea!


What do you think a modern day woman wants from her lingerie?

I like to think of lingerie as something that's for women and femmes, because we know that not everyone who enjoys or appreciates lingerie necessarily identifies as a woman. That said, I think what people most want is something that feels comfortable to the skin and body and also helps them, mentally, to feel like the best version of themselves. The specific shape or silhouette that may take varies, but I think those two concepts are at the heart of what we're looking for.


What one piece of lingerie do you think every woman should own?

I think a good loungewear piece, like a robe, is an excellent all-purpose choice. It's accessible and non-threatening if you're new to or intimidated by lingerie. It's an easy to "level up" to your lingerie wardrobe even if you're an experienced lingerie addict. It's size-flexible if you're worried about the nuances of fit or a changing body shape. It's easy to wear, and available at a wide range of price points. Robes are just the quintessential lingerie piece for me.


Why do you think lingerie can be so empowering to wear? 

I feel like the word "empowering" gets thrown around a lot nowadays. It's a easy buzzword that makes people feel good, much in the way same way "body positive" is used. However, if we're looking at the concept of "empowerment" from the perspective of "giving people the confidence to live their lives however they want," then lingerie is intrinsically connected to that. A well-fitting supportive bra can be life-changing for people. A pair of stockings or tights in deeper shade of nude can be life-changing. A wirefree bralette or chemise made from soft, non-irritating materials can be life-changing. And all of those things are connected to the idea of giving people the space to live their lives the way they want or need to without feeling limited by their lingerie. And I feel like, especially for people that have been marginalized or ignored by the lingerie industry, that's the most amazing type of empowerment.


If you had to choose just one inspiring woman, who would it be?

Ida B. Wells. She was a suffragist, a feminist, an anti-lynching activist, an early leader of the Civil Rights Movement and a founder of the NAACP. She revolutionized so much, not just about the way we think of women's rights or rights for people of color, but even how we do things investigative journalism. It is a shame more people don't know about her name and her legacy. She means a lot to me.