Here at Fleur of England we love the Christmas season, it gives us a chance to relax and unwind from our otherwise hectic lifestyles and spend some time with our loved ones. Here at the office we've already started to get into the festive spirit. Our Christmas shop is now open and with festivities in the air we've been finding out how the girls in the office like to spend their Christmas. We know that every family is different and, therefore, everyone has their own Christmas traditions that they follow every year. After all, isn't that part of what makes Christmas so special? As we all start getting into the festive spirit, we thought we'd share with you some of the ways the Fleur girls celebrate the holidays.

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Alice's Swedish Christmas

"My family and I have a traditional Swedish Christmas Eve, where we eat a dish called Janssons Fristelse or Janssons Temptation. This is a traditional Swedish dish eaten at Christmas that's made up of potatoes, onions, anchovies, bread crumbs and cream. We have this alongside an amazing spread of cheese boards, pickles and cold meats.  Once we've all eaten our fill we sit down to watch a Christmas movie or play a game of articulate!"

If you'd like to try the Swedish Christmas delicacy, you can find the recipe here.


christmas traditions


Lucy-Ann's Traditional Christmas 

"I'd consider my Christmas to be a fairly traditional one. Every year I will go out foraging with my family to collect things for my table centrepiece. This could be beautiful pine cones and fir leaves or sprigs of holly for a flash of red. We always have a baked ham on Christmas eve, so once we've been out foraging I spend some time preparing the meat with cloves. I love the fragrant smell of all the spices and this really puts me in the festive mood. I finish my day off with a visit to church then stay up late putting presents under the tree for my children."

If like Lucy-Ann you like the idea of foraging for a nature inspired centrepiece, you can find some great ideas here for decoration ideas.




Fleur's Christmas Nativity

"We always take my boys, George and Ernest, to a nativity on Christmas Eve and they dress up as a shepherd or a donkey. We all join the service to sing Christmas carols and pray for other people who aren't as fortunate as us."


Daisy's Family Christmas

"We always spend christmas as a family with me and my siblings meeting up at my mums on Christmas eve to bake mince pies and watch a Christmas movie. My mum insists on putting out a mince pie and a carrot for Father Christmas and his reindeer (even though we're all in our twenties!)."


You can visit our Christmas shop here for fabulous gifts to make sure this year is truly special.

Whatever your traditions, we hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

The Fleur Girls x