Fitting a bra


Find your perfect fit

Our complete philosophy is built on beautiful handcrafted lingerie that fits extremely well. You will want to wear Fleur of England all day and every day because of our amazing fit.

I have compiled an easy 3 step guide to finding your perfect fit along with fitting advice I would use if I was fitting you in my studio. If you know your international size and want to convert it to a Fleur of England UK size, please use our size convertor.

Step 1 - Finding your size

Favourite bra

Put on your favourite non-padded underwired bra. Make sure that you have put it on properly (bend over slightly and shake your bust into the cups) and ensure your straps are adjusted correctly.


To find your backsize, you need to take your underbust measurement. Measure all the way around your body going under your bust with a fabric measuring tape. Snugly wrap around your rib cage. This will give you your back measurement to put into our size calculator.


Next we need to find your cup size by taking your overbust measurement. This is the same process as before but this time wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Ensure you are standing up straight and the tape is level around your back. Add the overbust measurement to our size calculator to tell you your size.

Your bra size
Please contact for bespoke advice from our lingerie experts

Step 2 - Bra calculator

There is nothing more exquisite than to be wearing the most exceptionally fitting bra.

At Fleur of England we cater for a large range of sizes from a 28" to a 36" back size and from A-F cups. If you are outside this size range please email and we can advise you.

Please note that the sizes are a guide only.

Step 3 - Fleur's fitting tips

Once you have used our guide to find your size and ordered one of our exquisite pieces, it will arrive in a beautiful white box. Open the box and slip your bra on and follow my simple fitting tips below.

  1. Fasten the bra on and make sure that it is on its middle back fitting. It should feel snug yet comfortable. The elastic of a bra give over time so you need to be able to adjust the hooks to keep giving support.
  2. Bend forward slightly and shake your bust into the cups. Adjust the straps accordingly. However, please remember the shoulder straps are not there to offer support to the breasts, this is the job of the band, so never pull them too tightly as you will be left with unseemly marks on your shoulders and it can create discomfort.
  3. Make sure that the band isn't riding up at the back as this indicates that it is too large and you need to go down a band size.
  4. A band size that is too small will pinch the skin and can even create rolls of fat around your back that never existed before. If this happens you need to go up a band size.
  5. The cup should fit smoothly around the breast tissue and not sag as this indicates a cup size that is too large. The cup material should also never dig in creating a kind of 'double boob' effect that is deeply unflattering and looks terrible under clothes.
  6. Generally the cups should cover the entire breast. This is especially important under t-shirts as it creates a smooth line and will be almost imperceptible under clothes.
  7. It's really important with an underwire bra that the wires don't dig into the breast tissue, and that the front spacer between each breast lies flat. If this is not the case you will need to go up a cup size.
  8. Another good tip is to try your bra on underneath clothes to make sure you have your desired silhouette. Bear in mind however that certain bras work better under different garments and that a boudoir bra is not going to give the same effect as a molded cup.

If you encounter any of the problems mentioned above then simply send the item back to us and we will send you a different size.