How to Spend Your Bank Holiday Weekend

Here at Fleur of England, we are particularly excited about this upcoming bank holiday weekend. Basking in the sunshine, watching the flowers bloom and spending time with loved ones are just a few things we will be doing this bank holiday. Whether you are longing for a romantic getaway or wanting to capture precious memories with the family, we have provided a guide on how to spend the perfect bank holiday weekend.

Beside the seaside

Beside The Seaside

One of the most perfect ways of spending this bank holiday weekend is by the seaside. Spend your weekend feeling the sun on your face and the wind through your hair in the idealistic seaside town of Salcombe. Cruise along the Salcombe coast with an exclusive day out with Tinushi. The 32 foot yacht is a sure way of experiencing a peaceful ‘away from it all’ moment with your loved one. Anchor for lunch and enjoy the picturesque coastline, take a swim and you may discover hidden coves revealed at low tide. Salcombe’s beautiful golden sand beaches and sparkling blue seas is ideal for taking a stroll. Lounge in luxury at the South Sands Hotel. This boutique hotel overlooks the seafront view of the South Sands beach. Its fresh New England style décor and open plan suites ensures that your weekend is the most indulgent.


Retreat to The Countryside 

For the family who loves the great outdoors, the Cotswolds make the perfect setting. The blooming country gardens, captivating hillsides and the vibrant farmers market is pure escapism. Surround yourself in the lavish gardens of the Hidcote National Trust. Meander through the intricately designed outdoor ‘rooms’ and overgrown pathways to discover secret gardens filled with plants and flowers that burst with colour. Sit quietly with a loved one and you may witness green woodpeckers flitting through the trees, searching for their lunch, making it a moment of pure bliss. Quench your thirst at the Kings Head Inn. This quintessentially British pub is located on a tranquil open village green with a charming brook running through. Step inside and you will feel right at home with its intimate nooks and crannies, heavy wooden beams and toasty fires.

City escape

A City Escape

For the couples who love the hustle and bustle, a city break is the perfect way to spend your bank holiday weekend. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bath, where cobbled paths lead you to the peace and quiet of the canal and golden stone carved angels lay peacefully by the chapel. The tranquillity of the Bath Thermae Spa will be sure to relieve stress. Soak in the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters and dip into the rooftop pool for a breath-taking view of the city. Refresh your senses in a series of aromatic steam rooms. For when you’re feeling particularly peckish, treat yourself to luxury this weekend with afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel; dainty sandwiches and deliciously fine pastries accompanied by a wide selection of tea is sure to hit the spot. For the evening, discover Bath’s best known secret, the Opium Bar. This hidden gem provides an intimate and lively atmosphere in an eclectic and opulent setting, exquisite cocktails are the bar’s wildcard enticing your taste buds and curiosity. Immaculate Georgian architecture, thriving independent shops and corners of classic beauty makes Bath the perfect city for a weekend away.

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Bridal Series: Meet The Wedding Photographer

With wedding season approaching there are so many elements to consider for your special day. Choosing the right photographer can be a particularly stressful decision. We have spoken to Toby Mitchell, a photographer based in bath who specialises in wedding photography and graphic design.

Toby tells us about his love of documenting life, tips on how to choose the best wedding photographer and what it means to capture that special moment.

Toby Mitchell

Tell us how and why you got into wedding photography?

When I was 13 my uncle let me come along to a wedding he was shooting. Looking back, he took a big risk letting a 13 year old kid along on a professional wedding shoot but it worked out well and he really encouraged me following the wedding. Between then and sixth form I never thought twice about it as I was pursuing being an airline pilot. However I took photography at sixth form and very quickly became interested in with fashion editorial which then evolved into portraiture. A close friend of mine is a super successful wedding photographer and broke into the industry in 2009.

I quickly became obsessed with this new world of documenting love in a way that I had never seen before. His style was so unique and jaw dropping that I asked a couple  that I knew whether they would let me photograph them. The whole thing was a total fluke and looking back, I can see an advancement in my work. However that shoot attracted the attention of another couple that were friends of mine who booked me to do their wedding. I hadn’t even considered advertising weddings yet and immediately took up the offer. I had loads of people asking whether I was stressing out or worrying about getting it right but if I’m honest, I made the choice to not get caught up in that and be the best I could. This then rapidly became my main photography pursuit as I found so much life in photographing couples.

Describe your photography style in 5 words?

Honest, beautiful, authentic, natural and joyful.

winchester wedding

What makes the best wedding photo?

Pure love, couple, backdrop, light and giving space for the natural moments.

Do you have any tips for couples searching for a wedding photographer?

Do lots of research. There are oceans of wedding photographers. Find a person who aligns with the style you love. Just because a photographer is expensive, doesn’t mean they are any good. Meet them before signing a contract; this way you can see whether you all connect well, which is ultimately, the most important factor.

Bath wedding

Has witnessing so many weddings made you feel differently about love/romance?

Not so much actually. I love weddings and getting to witness couples giving themselves in fullness to each other blows my mind. It is always a stunning event to attend and is an honour every single time. And no matter whether I know the client or not, I always well up at the speeches.

What inspires you?

Wedding wise, there are lots of photographers who creatively provoke me to   pursue my best. There are definitely a few that come to mind. James Green, Benji Haisch, Ed peers & A Fist Full of Bolts. In terms of evolving my style, those guys have blown my mind in their documentation of love stories. The purity and stunning presentation of art and uniqueness within every couple is outstanding. So they constantly provide me with a stream of inspiration.

I love using Instagram. I follow a whole load of great people from around the world who are just off the chain; I often find myself in awe of how people are so creative and celebrate life through image and motion.

Where has been your favourite wedding location to shoot?


Norway wedding

What do you think makes the bride most happy on her wedding day? And the groom?

Peace and happiness from everyone involved.

Which picture do the happy couple want the most?

The natural ones. The moments that evolve without thinking. They are always the best.

Can you show us your favourite image you’ve taken? Why is it your favourite?

I personally try not to have a favourite. However there are definitely a few moments that stand out and I remember being like ‘YES’ when I loaded them in editing. I think these two shots I love because they hold all the elements I like most in photos. Stillness and beauty.

Favourite shots copy

You can see more of Toby’s work on his website here.

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5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Lingerie Wardrobe

The sun is shining and Spring has sprung, which means it’s the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe! An area that is often forgotten about is your lingerie drawer, which should ideally be sorted through twice a year. And what better excuse do you need to treat yourself to some beautiful new lingerie? Here at Fleur of England, we believe that wearing the right lingerie can make or break an outfit. We have some stunning Spring/Summer ’15 collections that are ideal for those of you who want to add a fresh touch of luxury to your wardrobe.  Marie Kondo, cleaning guru and author of the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying,” has given us a refreshing view on de-cluttering with her extreme “KonMari” method. Kondo encourages us to make tidying up a happy process, keeping only items that “spark joy” and sending anything that doesn’t to your local charity shop. You could also recycle your bras by donating them to a national charity such as Against Breast Cancer. Transform your lingerie drawer with our top Spring clean tips…

Step One

Step One: The Elimination Process

First of all, you want to start by looking at your entire lingerie collection and laying it out neatly on the floor. Kondo recommends that we let go with love and she believes that, “letting go is even more important than adding”. So, pick out the bras with misshapen cups and hopelessly stretched bands that no longer give you the support you need. Make sure that you are getting fitted annually to ensure you’re wearing the right bra size. With panties, you want to say no to any with discoloured fabric, stains or stretched waistbands. Everyone should have ultra-comfy, timeless lingerie in their wardrobe, as these are the foundation for any outfit. Our ‘Signature White’ and ‘Signature Nude’ collections will add sophistication and elegance to your new lingerie wardrobe. The Signature Nude Push Up Plunge Bra and Silk Brief combines French leavers lace with sumptuous silk satin to create the perfect everyday piece.

Step Two

Step Two: Keep only things that speak to your heart 

One of our favourite Kondo quotes to stand by when Spring cleaning is: “keep only things that speak to your heart”. When routing through your drawer, take each piece of lingerie in your hands and ask yourself “does this make me feel beautiful?” If it does, keep it. If the answer is no, it’s time to say goodbye. If you want to feel beautiful and feminine, our ‘Caress’ collection is the perfect addition to your lingerie drawer. Update your collection with the romantic Caress Lace Balcony Bra, Suspender and Thong set, made with luxury pink silk satin, two tone French lace cups and finished with an eyelash edge to add that delicate vintage feel.

Step Three2

Step Three: Treat your lingerie like someone you love 

Many of us are guilty of not treating our lingerie with the respect it truly deserves. Kondo believes we should should treat our items like people, caring about them means they will stay around and support us for longer. Another tip for making sure your lingerie is treated with care is to wash it correctly. Ideally, launder your delicates by hand in cold water and wash light, dark and coloured fabrics separately to ensure your luxury lingerie isn’t damaged. Remembering never to put your lingerie in the dryer, instead lay it flat or drape over a coat-hanger. If you feel like adding a touch of provocativeness and sensuality to your wardrobe, our ‘Seduction’ collection is ideal for you. Our Seduction Lace Balcony Bra, Suspender and Thong set features panels of nude Chantilly lace with a beautiful black cording giving the appearance of delicate tattoo-like flowers over the skin.

Step Four

Step Four: Simple storage done right

Once you’ve discarded the lingerie you don’t need, it’s time to focus on the best way to store your most-treasured. Kondo believes in keeping it simple and minimal by storing everything in a shoebox, ensuring you can see each piece and leaving nothing to be forgotten about. Our specially designed Fleur of England box that holds your order is the perfect place to store your luxury lingerie. In addition to looking pretty, repurposing your box will also be healthy for the environment. Other ways you could store your lingerie is in vintage suitcases or simply in a drawer with dividers. One of our top tips is to avoid folding bra cups into one another, as this can cause damage to the shape. Instead line up your bras with the back hooks done up and place them vertically in the drawer, stacking them behind one another to keep their shape. Our ‘Crème De La Crème’ collection shows how keeping it bare can be done right. Our Crème De La Crème Guipure Boudoir Bra and Bow Tie Brief would make a perfect addition to your wardrobe, adorned with organic motifs of bespoke embroidery and invisible Italian tulle to add a sensual sheerness.

Step Five

Step Five: Make room for new lingerie

Now that you’ve removed the lingerie that doesn’t spark joy any longer, it’s time to shop for some exquisite new pieces. Invest in some Spring pieces, you can’t go wrong with a floral print and our ‘Scarlet’ collection, inspired by red roses and their intricate petals, is the ideal choice. Inject some fire and confidence into your wardrobe with our Scarlet Guipure Balcony Bra, Suspender Belt and Thong, with sultry silk satin and sexy sheer invisible tulle. A little tip for keeping your new lingerie smelling fresh is to buy some scented drawer liners such as these floral Crabtree & Evelyn Drawer Liners.

Following these simple steps will ensure your your lingerie drawer is de-cluttered and your luxury lingerie stays exquisite. To celebrate making room for the lingerie you love, we’re offering FREE international shipping with the code ‘SPRINGCLEAN‘!

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