#CastYourSpell – Get 30% off Fleur of England lingerie with our Halloween game

Here at Fleur of England we adore dressing up for Halloween! To celebrate Halloween in style, we invite you to play our spooktacular Halloween game.

Halloween banner

By participating in our fun Halloween related game, you will win 30% discount across all Fleur of England collections on the website. The perfect lingerie to help you spice up your Halloween outfit.

The rules are simple.. You need to search the website for the five masked models, each of the five masked models will have a letter in the same image. These five letters can be added together to get the special promotional code to receive 30% off your perfect set in time for Halloween. Just enter this code in the promotional section at the basket.

To start you off, please see one of five letters below, to help you spell your treat code…

Caviar clue

If you are having trouble finding the letters please email info@fleurofengland.com for clues!

Hurry, this 30% off promotion ends on Friday 31st October at midnight.. And this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Play if you dare……

The Fleur Girls x

Fleur of England supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fleur of England are aiming to raise awareness and knowledge of the terrible disease that is breast cancer.

A shocking 1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime, this makes the issue very close to home for a lot of women.

The earlier breast cancer is found, the more likely you will live a long and fantastic life!  One of the best ways to catch the  symptoms early is to check your breasts yourself on a monthly basis and understand how they would feel and look when healthy.

Fleur of England Blush boudoir bra and brief front

There is no wrong way to check your breasts and it shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes.  In case you don’t know where to start we have put together some tips on how to check your breasts. Things to look out for are…

1. Appearance – Any change in the shape or look of the breast, or any puckering or dimpling of the skin.

2. Feelings – Pain or discomfort that is different to normal.

3. Lumps – Any lumps that seem to be different than the rest of your breast, or are not usually there.

4. Nipple changes – any noticeable changes or discomfort.

Working in the lingerie industry – we know first hand, that all breasts are different and “normal” is different from person to person.

The main thing to look out for is a difference in what is normal to you. There are many reasons why your breasts may change if you have any concerns, always consult your Doctor.

Rose boudoir bra faceshot

There are so many wonderful charities supporting and doing great things for breast cancer research/awareness but there are a few that stand out to us.

Coppafeel is a charity, started by inspiring 23 year old Kris, who is currently has breast cancer, the charity ‘is about more than discovering a cancer diagnosis. It’s about empowering ourselves to be proactive about our own health and body’. They put a emphasis on knowing your own breasts and knowing what to do if you find something that is not normal. With high celebrity support and a directional vision feel, this is a real stand out charity. They will even send you a SMS or email once a month to remind you to ‘Coppafeel’.

Another charity we love is Breast Cancer Care, Breast Cancer Care is there for anyone affected by breast cancer. They ‘bring people together, provide information and support, and campaign for improved standards of care.’ We love their ‘Pink Fridays’ campaign, where all members in the work place wear pink each Friday in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And of course we love to wear pink!

As well as giving 20% off ALL pink lingerie, Fleur of England are giving 10% of every sale using the code ‘PINK’ to a breast cancer charity!

Offer until Monday 20th October and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

All medical information found from MacMillan.

The Fleur girls x


The Art of Wearing Luxury Stockings

Fall is just around the corner, ushering in the season of stockings for lingerie addicts worldwide. Stockings, one of the most artful elements of a woman’s boudoir, have a rich and storied place in fashion history, from strictly utilitarian to decorative and provocative. With the innovation of pantyhose in the mid 20th century; the wearing of stockings and a suspender belt has now become a decidedly sensual act. Fleur of England continues to honor the art of wearing luxury stockings and believe it is essential in creating a memorable lingerie style. Our selection of suspender belts will have you dying to roll on a pair of your very own luxury stockings.


The first form of stockings came to be in the 16th century and were made mostly of woven cloth. Stockings were similar to socks and worn purely for warmth. Around the 1850’s, corsetry rose to prominence in the fashion mainstream and began to incorporate long elasticated suspenders. Women carefully coordinated their stockings with each ensemble, driving the need for beautiful and ornate stockings. The elegant of the era would wear luxurious French silk stockings. The gorgeous silk and lace design of our Belle de Nuit Guipure Suspender Belt echoes this forgotten era of luxurious underpinnings.

In years since, stockings have come in and out of fashion for daily wear, making them a specialty item. Fleur of England treasures the luxury of a beautiful stocking and decided to create our very own line of luxury stockings in black and nude. Our stockings are made in the United Kingdom at a renowned Factory where they are fashion finished. The process to making these full-fashioned stockings is extremely delicate and requires expert care with vintage fully-fashion machinery from the 1940’s-1960’s. Using precise temperature control and plenty of needles, fashion stockings are knitted flat, then fashioned, or shaped, by hand manipulation and hand seamed up the back.


So, how do you wear our beautiful and luxurious Fleur of England stockings? First, you must select your suspender belt of choice. Feeling romantic? Try our Amour Silk Suspender Belt with its rich red coloring and soft eyelash lace detailing. They go beautifully with our nude stocking. If you feel more sensual and elegant, try our new Hot Chocolate Suspender Belt which looks effortlessly beautiful with a delicate stocking attached. After selecting your suspender belt and lingerie set, you must match your stockings to the look. The easiest way to match your stockings to your lingerie is to decide if your look needs a last dramatic touch or if it needs the light airiness of a nude coloured stocking. You want your stocking to compliment your lingerie, not steal the attention from it. For example, the delicate fabric and platinum grey colouring of the Heiress Guipure Suspender Belt is best compliment by our Nude Fleur of England luxury stocking.

The most difficult part of wearing luxury stockings is selecting what colour you’d like to wear. After that’s done, everything is easy! First, put on your selected garter belt and secure it using the hook and eye closures to fit your natural waist. Then, carefully, roll on each stocking, beginning at the bottom of the foot and unfurling the material until you reach your mid thighs. Then, use your suspender belt clips to secure the stocking to the suspender belt. You can adjust the length of the suspender straps using their bra strap-like clip.


A well-made pair of stockings will last a long time if you take care of them. Always be sure to put them on and take them off carefully and hand wash them.

The art of wearing luxury stockings is still alive and well at Fleur of England! Suspender belts and stockings make your lingerie outfit to an unforgettable look. This Autumn/Winter, don’t forget to roll on your Fleur of England stockings for a look of timeless beauty. After all, you never know when the blustery winds of autumn may give you your Marilyn Monroe moment!

The Fleur girls x